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Lassie Corbett

Lassie is a member of a number of art groups, and served on the Council for the Arts of Herndon. She is a signature member of the Potomac Valley Watercolor Society as well as the Virginia Watercolor Society. Lassie’s work is exhibited regularly at various "Art in the Workplace" exhibits, the Vienna Arts Society, and at the Reston Art Gallery. She teaches private classes and workshops for local art groups. Most of her paintings are traditional, transparent watercolors. Subjects come from her foreign and adventure travel and her experiences as a watercolor workshop teacher. She also paints a number of floral paintings in season, as well as local landscapes.

“I begin my paintings with a series of detailed drawings. While traveling, I do a number of large drawings on tracing paper. I also take a sketch book for quick sketches, and journaling. I take a few photos as color references, but rarely draw from them.”

Lassie also works in and teaches acrylics (traditional and abstract), collage and Chinese brush painting, and watercolor, at the Herndon Community Center.

Lassie has had her paintings published in three books:  The Creative Edge, by nationally-known artist Mary Todd Beam;  The Potomac Valley Watercolorist, a juried watercolor organization;  and His Legacy, Our Heritage, Professor Chen Bing Sun.

This latter book honors Professor Chen, who is renowned for his Chinese Brush painting.  This book also includes the work of artists, such as Lassie, who have studied under the professor and have gone on to teach Chinese Brush painting to other artists.  Lassie originally studied under Professor Chen for four years in the Philippines.

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